Vorti-Siv® Filtration Systems

Vorti-Siv offers a wide range of all stainless steel self-cleaning filtration systems used for many liquid processes. These manual or fully automated metal element filter units are successfully used for liquid process requirements from 10mm to 25micron apertures. Successful Industry applications include: Foods, Ink. Adhesives, Paint and Coatings, Fuels , Automotive and Ceramics.

This line of self-cleaning filters provides highly cost-effective solutions to difficult liquid filtration problems.

Main Features

  • Simple & efficient cleaning process which minimizes disruption to flow.
  • Stainless steel, UHMW or Teflon® blades wipe element externally.
  • Minimal amount of liquid loss during cleaning process.
  • Suitable for practically all liquids including those of high viscosity.
  • Filtration levels from 3000 to 25 micron.
  • Separate vessel and head secured by a clamp allow easy access to element.
  • Maximum working pressure: 500 P.S.I. at 100 degrees C.
  • Maximum working temperature: 200 degrees C (dependent on seal material).
  • High quality 316 stainless steel wound, reinforced wedge wire or perforated elements.
  • Available in the following materials: Head: stainless steel, cast steel or cast iron Vessel: stainless steel or mild steel.
  • Full range of automated control devices available as optional extra (see separate technical data sheet) air or electric.
  • Viton or Teflon® seals.
  • Optional 15 RA pharmaceutical finish