Vorti-Siv® offers a full range of pretensioned new round and remeshed separator screens to fit any requirement. Here are but a few samples.

  • Screen sizes: 3″ to 60″ diameters
  • Rectangular and Square Frames
  • Re-screen 8″ test sieve design
  • Replacements for: SWECO, Kason, Midwestern and More
  • Rectangular and 15″ diameters EOS IPCM new and re-screens
  • FDA and Food Grade Gaskets for SWECO, Kason, Midwestern and More
  • Ultra-sonic re-screening for SWECO, Kason, Midwestern and other frames
  • FDA, Food Grade and USP Class VI Epoxy and solder
  • Mesh available: Market Grade, US and ISO Standard, Mill Grade, and Tensile Bolting Cloth(TBC). See Size Chart Pages
  • Samples available on request
  • 1-2 Day Lead-time

Additional Information

Additional Information on Replacement Screens on PDF