Lab Models 8″, 10″ & 12″

The Vorti-Siv Lab Models RBF-8 (8″ screen diameter), RBF®-10 (10″ screen diameter) and RBF-12 (12″ screen diameter) are three of the most advanced small batch sieving machines on the market. The units are totally enclosed and heavily constructed. Weighing in at 80 lbs. each, they are driven by single or three phase, open construction, TENV, TEFC, or X.P., 1/3 or 1/2 HP motors. The TENV, TEFC or X.P. motor adds 3″ to 6″ in height to the standard 21″ tall single deck model. These models are extremely effective on many wet and dry products. Popular uses include quality control, “scalping” of powders, liquid straining, product reclamation, and particle size separation. The model RBF-8 and RBF-12 are adaptable to standard 8″ or 12″ diameter stainless steel or brass test sieves.

Successfully processed products include:

Paint, Inks, Cosmetics, Dental Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Paper Coatings, Powder Metals, Resins, Adhesives, Latexes, Grinding Media, Foods, Powder Coatings, and an unlimited number of highly specialized applications.

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Gyratory Action-Mobility

Vorti-Siv Lab Models use a unique gyratory screening-action generated by an adjustable off-balance flywheel, which is powered by a direct drive 1/3 or 1/2 HP, 1750 or 3450 RPM motor. Any point on the Screen surface moves in a circular orbit, but the screen itself does not rotate. The top section of these units gyrates while the bottom is stationary. All models are constructed on rubber pads, thus enabling easy table mounting. Quick release clamps (3 required) enable easy dismountability for clean-up & changeover.

Multiple Decks/Continuous Discharge

Applications with several particle sizes may require multiple stacked screen elements. The RBF-lab units are constructed to enable up to eight (8) additional decks. Decks require a rim deck locking band for each deck. The Screen rim height is 2″ or 3″ for each stacked screen.

Standard Unit

Typical Model RBF-12 with single deck screen and side funnel discharge. Shown as a batch sieve. Unit constructed with 316 stainless steel product contact parts, three clamps, and industrial blue or FDA powder coated finish.

RBF-Lab Screening Element

The Vorti-Siv Lab Units’ dismountable and quick change screening element adapts itself to in-plant screening control. Sizes range from 1 mesh to 3 micron. Screens and screening elements are interchangeable with other Vorti-Siv laboratory pans. All Vorti-Siv Lab equipment is totally enclosed and available with a removable or welded dome, scoop feed lid, or special dust covers.

Two Contact Parts

Removable lab model stainless steel product contact parts. Shown is a shallow discharge funnel and a top main 3″ rim with soldered or bonded screen element. With only two contact parts, it enables easy product clean-up and color change-over.

Standard Options: Rotating Brushes/Blades

Single- or multi-deck lab models with rotary brush or blade assemblies. The nylon brushes or UHMW blades are used on finer mesh sizes to slow screen blinding or break agglomerates. Bumpers contacting the gyrating rim cause brushes to circle screen element. Available on our Vorti-Siv Models.

Model SFA® Ultrasonic deblinding and/or cleaning kit. Utilizes a 50 kHz, 110/220 VAC special bonded aluminum transducer with auto-tuned processor. All mounting epoxy is solvent resistant & FDA compliant. Ultrasonic energy is directly applied to the wire mesh screen via the transducer. This breaks surface tension, making the stainless steel mesh free of friction and eliminates particle blinding.

Special Applications

Special model RBF-12 triple deck small batch model with continuous discharge removable outlets. Shown with self-feed hopper & three (3) SFA ultra-sonic deblinding kits. Similar designs available on most units. a limitless number of special systems are available for any project