Center Discharge RVM Sieves

Models in 15″, 22″, 30″ and 36″; screen diameters. Driven by a 3450 RPM vibrating electric motor in TENV or explosion proof. Available with bag dump stations or totally enclosed for vacuum-thru sieving. Optional tables supplied in several sizes. All stainless steel models supplied with finishes to 10Ra. Shown is Model RVM-22 with 15ra finish.

VS® Series Side Discharge

Models VS0030, VS0048 AND VS0060

30″, 48″ & 60″ screen diameter production models. Utilizing a direct or indirect 1200 or1750 RPM drive with air suspension or spring mounts. Available in single or multiple decks, with or without oversize chutes. Shown is Model VS0048.

RBF® Series Side Discharge

22″, 24″, 30″, 36″, and 40″ screen diameter production model using an indirect 1750 RPM motor. Motor is pullied to a fixed or variable speed from 800 to 3000 RPM. Available with traditional Vorti-Siv or standard separator type product contact parts. Shown is Model RBF-2 with mounted level sensor.