Vorti-Siv® RBF®-Series

THE RBF®-3 and RBF®-2

The Vorti-Siv RBF®-3 and RBF®-2 are two of the most efficient sieving and straining machines on the market. These totally enclosed units are heavily constructed, driven by explosion proof 5HP (Single or Variable) speed drives utilizing adjustable off-balanced flywheels. Heavy-Duty Bearing Systems enable the units to achieve flywheel speeds of up to 3200 RPM. Quick-release clamps allow easy in-plant dismounting and color changes.

  • All product contact parts are 316 grade stainless steel or PVC plastic.
  • Noncontact parts are available painted, epoxy and teflon powder coated, or in stainless steel.

Additional Information

RBF case study on PDF




Vorti-Siv® orbiting movements cause particles of materials to roll in concentric paths over the screen surface, while always staying in contact with the screen. Oversize particles will roll in and out of apertures, and undersizes will roll through. If a great amount of material is placed on the screen surface, the oversize particles will roll to the top. This virtually eliminates blinding. Additional nonblinding options include: the rotary brush assemblies, (nylon brushes teflon wipers and/or stainless blocks above screen), a nonblinding kit (rubber balls below screen) or our SFA® ultra-sonic deblinding system.


Applications with large amounts of oversize particles will require a raised scroll mounting to be fixed to the screen. This enables a continuous and uniform discharge of material from the screen surface. Scroll sizes will vary with each application. For example, a full scroll allows greater product retention time on the screen; a half scroll is utilized for free-flowing material and for greater throughputs.


The RBF® units are extremely effective on many wet or dry applications. Models are used for quality control screening, separation of various sized particles, or product reclamation. Each unit has the capability to sieve wet or dry particles when its amplitude is adjusted. Successfully processed products include:

Paints • inks • cosmetics • pharmaceuticals • paper • coatings • powdered metals • resins • adhesives • latexes • media • foods and an unlimited number of highly specialized applications.

Fine powders may require our special Model SFA® Ultra-sonic deblinding kit. This system utilizes a 110/220 Volt 200 watt generator, titanium transducer probe and titanium alloy screen adapter. Available on our models in single, double or multiple deck sizes.