Installation Of Ultra-Sonic Components in Screening Machine

This system can be installed or retrofitted in practically any operational screening machine. The following are supplied:

Ultrasonic generator has a complete electronic unit which can be mounted directly on the screening machine, in a central switchgear cabinet or, for example, on the nearest wall.

Ultrasonic screen resonator consisting of a converter with a annular resonator which is welded into the screen frame by means of fixing plates, HF connection line with housing and plug. HF cable connector from the connector outside the screen frame to the generator (standard length 10 m.)

HF cable connector from the connector outside the screen frame to the generator (standard length 10 m.)


The screen fabric can be bonded to the annular resonator (2) and screen frame (6) using a commercially available two component screen adhesive. The annular resonator is welded t the screen frame at the nodes using the fixing plates (3). The converter plus annular resonator therefore has a self supporting connection with the screen frame and also supports the screen fabric. The electrical lead (4) leads from the converter to the screen frame is protected by stainless steel tubing. The electrical lead is appropriately routed out of the screen frame type and clamping system. The converter, annular resonator, screen frame and electrical connection form an inseparable, explosion proof unit. Replacing the screens is therefore a simple matter which can be done by anyone.


The high-frequency 36 kHz vibrations induced by the ultrasonic generator (G) are converted into sinusoidal mechanical longitudinal vibrations in the converter (1). In the process, flexural vibrations are generated in the disc-shaped end of the converter. These flexural vibrations are propagated in the tuned annular resonator (2) welded to it and are transmitted uniformly to the screen fabric. Since the ultrasonic intensity decreases on the screen fabric with increasing distance from the annular resonator, annular resonators of differing sizes are used, depending on the screen surface area and the desired sound distribution. Since the annular resonator is a resonating unit, an individual ultrasonic generator has to be connected for each screen so that the varying load states can be recognized and balanced out by the automatic system. Parallel connection of multiple screens to one generator is therefore not possible!